Who's Running the Show?

Sep 08, 2023
Have you ever stopped to think that when it comes to your health your stomach just might be running the show? I mean, when it growls, we usually respond with some kind of food (healthy or not). When it insists on more, even when we know it's not the best for us, we often give in. We're talking about that inner tug-of-war between your appetite and your willpower.

If we lived in the days when people openly worshiped idols we might even say that they worshiped the god of their stomach. 

When the idol said to eat, people would eat even if they weren’t hungry, and when the idol said to keep going, they wouldn’t stop even though they were full.  It’s almost like bowing down to the idol or god of their stomach.  


When this god wants...

  • Sweets
  • Cheese
  • Bread
  • Food with preservatives
  • Soda
  • Diet drinks

We give in, even if we know they are not good for us.   

I don’t know about you, but I have bowed down to this god many times and probably had it as an idol in my life at times.    

The first time I was told I needed to cut out sugar, milk products, and bread I thought I would die.  I didn’t know how I could live without it.  And in all honesty, I didn't know if I wanted to live without it.  But I wanted my eczema to go away and my body to be healed more than I wanted the food.   

 If you have struggled with your stomach calling the shots, you are not alone.  

Let's take a moment to ponder the impact our stomachs have had throughout history. Remember our dear sister Eve? She took a bite of that forbidden fruit and, oh boy, everything changed. She and Adam had to pack up and leave the Garden of Eden, all because of one meal. It's incredible how our choices, influenced by our stomachs, can lead us down a path of consequences.

Now, let's talk about Sodom and Gomorrah. Ezekiel 16:49 tells us that they were proud, lazy, and oh, so gluttonous! They forgot about the poor and needy while they feasted and indulged. God wiped those cities out. Their unchecked appetites were part of the problem.

Then there's the story of Esau, the firstborn with a birthright to envy. But when he came home hungry from a hunt, he traded it all for a simple bowl of lentils and bread. Can you believe it? King stomach had the upper hand once again.

And let's not forget the Israelites in the wilderness. They complained about their manna and begged for meat. So, God sent quail, but they gorged themselves so much that many got sick and perished. That's right, excessive eating can lead to dire consequences.

So, here's the deal...Are you getting kicked out of your personal paradise because you can't resist those unhealthy cravings? Is your health suffering because you can't say no to junk food? Are you trading your blessings for a momentary satisfaction? Are you living in a state of anxiety and sickness because of your endless indulgences?

Remember this truth: Your body is a temple, a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit Himself. So, why let king stomach take over when you have the mighty Holy Spirit dwelling within you? Satan is out there trying to steal, kill, and destroy, and he often uses our stomachs and appetites as his secret weapon.

One way I have been able to tame my stomach from calling the shots and gotten my appetite under control is to fast.  Fasting is a kind of detox and will help you to get rid of toxins, inflammation, bloating, gas, water weight, and fat.   


A detox that I have started incorporating is called the 5-Day Drop.  I’m afraid if it was called a 5-day detox nobody would want to do it. LOL!!  But thousands of people have done the 5-Day Drop and saw their weight come down, and their bodies got rid of toxins, inflammation, bloating, and excessive water weight.   


The reason it's healthy for your body is because for 5 days you flood your body with nutrients:  minerals, enzymes, probiotics, liquid collagen, and raw fruits and veggies.  Then we limit our diet and our body gets rid of fat, toxins, bloat, inflammation, etc.  I told you our bodies are made wonderfully complex and when you give it what it needs it knows what to do. 


My 80-year-old mom did it!  I was a little nervous to ask her what her results were because I hadn’t had someone her age do the drop before but when I finally asked her, if she lost any weight, she said “YES!  She lost 6 lbs and was able to get in a pair of pants she hadn’t been able to button for a while. 

Whoop Whoop!!! Even when you are 80, your body responds to healthy things!


So if you are tired of your stomach being in control and you need some help dethroning the god of your stomach come and try the 5-Day Drop with me.  Click on the link or email me for more information.  


If any of this has resonated with you and you feel like your stomach is in control and you really want to be in control of your eating, CLICK THIS LINK  to schedule a 15-minute call with me to talk through how you can win the war on your weight and health.