Unlocking Weight Loss with God's Guidance

Oct 06, 2023

Are you struggling with weight loss and feeling like you're on your own?

In the podcast episode, "Unlocking Weight Loss With God's Guidance," I discuss the importance of bringing God into our health, healing, and weight loss. Here are three key takeaways to ponder:

  • Seek God's Guidance: Have you ever asked God what your ideal weight should be? Instead of relying solely on your own decisions and external advice, call on Him to guide you. As Jeremiah 33:3 reminds us, God tells us to ask, and He will answer, revealing great and unsearchable things that we do not know.
  •  Avoid the World's Chaos: The world bombards us with contradictory advice on diets, exercise, and weight loss strategies. But instead of getting lost in the chaos, I want to show you how to trust in God's wisdom. By following His guidance, we can discover what our bodies truly need and make informed choices that align with His design.
  • Listen to Your Body: God created our bodies with hunger and fullness signals. However, many of us struggle with emotional eating, overeating, or ignoring these signals. By tuning in to our bodies, eating when hungry, and stopping when full, we can honor and respect the way God designed us. 


Listen to the full episode now, and learn how to incorporate God into your weight loss journey. It's time to unlock the power of God's guidance in your pursuit of a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.🌟


Here are some journal prompts for you to write about and see what comes up in you:

  1. How do you personally feel about including God in your weight loss journey?
    2. Have you ever considered asking God what weight you should be? Why or why not?
    3. What are some challenges you face in bringing God into your weight loss journey?
    4. How do you feel about the idea of eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full?
    5. Have you ever struggled with emotional eating? If so, how did it affect your weight loss efforts?
    6. What are some ways you can bring God into your eating habits and make it more of a spiritual practice?
    7. What do you think about the suggestion of cutting your food portions in half?
    8. How do you feel about slowing down and taking smaller bites during meals?
    9. What are some programs you have used to manage overeating that felt chaotic and like a bunch of rules? 
    10. How do you think your relationship with food will change by incorporating God into your weight loss journey?


If you need help bringing God into your weight loss journey,  set up a 15-minute coaching call with me, and let's see how we can get rid of the chaos and learn to live a healthy abundant life. 


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