How to Make a Memory

Dec 16, 2022
The definition of memory is - the power or process of reproducing or recalling what has been learned and retained especially through associative mechanisms.
Memories are important. They tell a story. It is something that God had the Israelites do so they would remember the goodness of God.
However, if we are not careful we will rush through the Christmas season and wake up on the 26th wishing we had done things differently and full of regret. God wants you to be full of joy and remember the goodness of God and how He was glorified through you this season.
So here are 5 things you can do to get you thinking about how you can make a lasting memory.
1. Be intentional. Today decide what are some things you are going to do as a family or with friends. Examples would be to go to a Christmas Eve service, go see Christmas lights, read the Christmas story before you open presents, or anything you can think of. If you don't plan ahead of time you may have had a good idea but it probably won't happen.
2. Put the phones away. Have times where all phones are off. Maybe it's the meal together that you have "no phones at the table", or if you are going to see Christmas lights turn your phones off. Let people know ahead of time so they aren't caught off guard. Be with the people who are there not with the people who are in your social media world.
3. Take pictures. How many times have you said after an event, "I didn't get any pictures." If your phone is your camera put it on airplane mode. Be intentional to make memories with pictures. Then a week or two after Christmas send the pictures to people who are in them and say something about them that you are thankful for.
4. Stop and take it all in. If we are not careful we can go through the Christmas season, and miss out on all of the memorable moments. Take some time to stop and just look around and notice who is there and where they are sitting and what you are doing. Take it all in. Every time I do this at special events those are the moments that stand out to me even years later.
5. Play games together. Do something together with people. Don't just sit around and watch TV. Take some time to have conversations or go for a walk do something together. And when you are with people ask them questions about themselves. Ask other people what their favorite Christmas memory is. Going back to #1- be intentional to have conversations.
When you wake up after all the family Christmas celebrations are over, what do you want to have happened?
Plan now to make it happen.
Enjoy your family and friends as we celebrate Jesus.
Merry Christmas,