A Collegiate Athlete's Journey to Healing and Wellness

Sep 25, 2023


I am thrilled to bring you another empowering episode of the Weight Loss with God podcast.   

In this week's episode,  I am interviewing my first guest, Rachel Ngom, the host of the She's Making an Impact podcast.

Get ready to be inspired! Rachel shares her remarkable journey from being on food stamps with a negative balance in her checking account to becoming a millionaire at the age of 34, all while working just 20 hours a week.

But her success story goes beyond financial achievements. Rachel also opens up about her struggles with body image and the pressure she faced as a collegiate volleyball player.

During her time as a competitive athlete, Rachel experienced criticism and was constantly scrutinized for her body type. She was subjected to strict meal plans and weigh-ins, which led to a challenging relationship with food and nutrition.

On top of that, she faced numerous injuries, including stress fractures, broken bones, torn cartilage, and even a misdiagnosed condition called slipping rib syndrome.  However, Rachel's story takes a turn when she finds healing through her faith.

She shares how prayer and a five-day water fast led her to the right surgeon who finally diagnosed and treated her slipping rib syndrome after 16 years of misdiagnosis.

You don't want to miss hearing about the moment of relief and hope she experienced when she received the correct diagnosis.

Rachel and I discuss the power of hope and the impact it can have on our healing journeys. We delve into the importance of addressing both physical and emotional aspects when pursuing health and wellness goals.

With Rachel's powerful story as a foundation, we explore how faith, self-care, and perseverance can help you overcome challenges and thrive in all aspects of your life.  

Whether you're looking to transform your health, find hope in your own healing journey, or simply seek inspiration from powerful stories, this episode is for you. Join me as Rachel's story reminds us of how God's healing power can work miracles in our lives.

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Personal Reflection Questions:

1. How did Rachel's experience as a collegiate athlete contribute to her struggles with body image and food?  

2.  What experiences have you had that have shaped your view of food and body image?  

3. . What are the challenges that athletes face when it comes to body expectations and performance? If your kids play sports what challenges are they facing and what are they being told by coaches and teachers?

4. How did Rachel's journey to healing her body impact her spiritual life?

5. What role did prayer and faith play in Rachel's healing process?

6. What impact did finding a surgeon who could accurately diagnose and treat her condition have on Rachel's life?

7. How does having hope for healing, even before it happens, affect one's mindset and ability to cope with chronic illness or pain?

8. Are the situations in your life impacting your spiritual journey for the better?

9.  What is your belief about God being our healer?  Do you believe He still heals today?

10.  Have you ever been in a faith-filled environment?  How did it affect you?