Attention All Empty Nesters…….  Register Now For FREE!

Attention All Empty Nesters……. 

Register Now For FREE!

Navigating the Empty Nest Season with Confidence Summit

March 21-23, 2023


Replays are available for 24 Hours

Go from struggling on how to move into the Empty Nest season………

To being a confident mom full of joy and purpose.

If you want to know how to transition into this new phase of life with healthy family skills, strategies for parenting and marriage and dreaming about your future…. then this is the summit for you.
Learn from experts who have gone through this season and help empty nesters soar into this new season of life.

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Jimmy Evans

Founder of XO Marriage 

Fighting Familiarity



Natasha Smith

Writer, Speaker, Podcaster

Grief and Adjustment as an Empty Nester


Melanie Studer

Next Phase Parenting

Highs and Lows of Parenting Teens


LeAnn Austin

Master Certified Life Coach

Daughter-in-law Relationship Blueprint


O.L. and Sway Buckley

Marriedpreneur Life

Building Out Your Dream Work Week in This Season


Paula Mackey

Coaching the Mom with a Prodigal

HEY MOM Be Strong and Courageous


Laura Dennis

Next Phase Parenting

10 Tips and Tricks for Cooking for Two


Toby Slough

Toby Slough, Founder and CEO of Goby Ministries 

Mental Wellness and Empty Nesters


Kristin Dronchi 

Biblical Mindset and Business Coach 

Building a Legacy Beyond the Empty Nest Season


Ashton Beisel

Health Coach. Wealth Coach. Life Mentor.

Financial Health


Wendy K. Walters

Author, Editor, Ghostwriter, and Motivational Speaker

Destiny 2.0: Gaining a New Perspective


Meet Your Host

I'm Martha I’m an empty nester, a go getter who likes to make things happen and have fun while doing it.   

I love Jesus, my husband Matt, my kids, my family, my church, having FUN, working out, all things healthy and nutritious,  travel, good music, a good book, and helping others.

My husband and I started HopeFront Church in Clayton, North Carolina 25 years ago.  In that 25 years I have helped people to know God, find freedom from things that hold them back, discover their purpose in life and make a difference.  

We have 3 young adult children and navigating through the empty nest season was not easy for us.   I was not ready, didn’t know how to get ready and I certainly did not know what to do.  

As I have talked with other mom’s and dad’s going through this season I realized I was not the only one who was not prepared.   And so as people have come to me I have been able to help them walk through it with more success.

So I had the thought what if I could help more families transition this season of their lives with joy, purpose and confidence.   What if families knew how to communicate, marriages grew stronger and not weaker, and what if the empty nest transition could set the coarse of a healthy future for the family.

So I decided to start taking all my 20 plus year of experience,  the good, the bad and the ugly and walk with mom’s through this season.

Nothing happens by chance so it is not an accident that you are here and I’m excited to get to know you.

Embracing Possibility: Navigating the Empty Nest Season with Confidence Summit

March 21-23, 2023