Did you know that what you say about yourself has greater impact on you than anything anybody else says about you? Speak words of victory over yourself. Every day, look in the mirror and declare these declarations. 


I recorded these I AM statements and verses because I believe that we all need to be reminded of who God says we are. You can play them in your house or car and just listen as your mind is filled with truth. Sign up to receive this 5-part series below!

I believe that every day should start with thankfulness. You can find things to be grateful for everyday! Are you going through a tough time and can't seem to find anything to be thankful for? Are you rushing through your day and need to take a little time to slow down and remember all the ways God is blessing you! Use this tool to begin journaling your way to gratefulness!

I believe our God is a God who heals. One of his names is Jehovah Rapha, which means "my healer."  

I believe that part of our healing comes when we speak the Word of God over ourselves. After all, faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

I want to help you build your faith to believe God for healing, so I have put healing scriptures to music for you to listen to!

Let's hear and believe together,



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