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What are you hiding?

Halloween is over and we have handed out all of the candy.

One thing that I thought of while answering the door is that kids and people are all dressed as somebody they're not. Some were cute and some were more on the scary side, but it was hard to tell who they were.

Halloween is not the only time people wear a mask. Many people walk around every day wearing emotional masks. Masks that cover up how they are really feeling and how they are really doing.

So many people, myself included, can put on a fake facade because we don't want people to know the real us. We're afraid that if they knew the real us, they wouldn't like us or might even reject us. One thing that everybody longs for is to be known, but because of fear, we will put the mask on.

There is a mask of anger.

Anger is a secondary emotion that covers up how we are really feeling. If you can tell yourself to "get sad, not mad", you will be more likely to figure out your real emotions.

Many people put on the mask of avoiding.

They escape reality by avoiding conversations, feelings, and difficult situations. Some escape through alcohol, drugs, or even things like gaming or social media.

Then there is a mask of control.

These are people who try to control people and situations because they have to control how close people get to them.

The mask of insecurity.

This is an interesting mask because we cover up insecurities with pride. (This was a mask I wore for a long time). Pride comes before a fall or failure in life. If we would humble ourselves and deal with our insecurities, we could take this mask off.

There are so many emotional masks: The people-pleasing mask, victim mask, the vacillating mask (people who keep putting on and taking off the mask) and the list goes on.

What emotional mask are you wearing? How do you take off the mask and become the real you?

First, let me say this is not easy. It is totally worth it, but not easy.

1. You have to acknowledge you are wearing a mask.

2. You have to begin to love and accept yourself for how God made you.

3. Read books and listen to podcasts and sermons that will help you acknowledge and take off your mask.

3. Find a coach or mentor that will work with you to help take off your mask and move forward.

This is why I have created the 7-day challenge for Thanksgiving. I want to help people take responsibility and live the life they were created to live. You cannot live out your purpose if you don't know who you are and you're always putting on a mask to cover up your true self.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You have gifts and talents this world needs.

God loves you!

God likes you!

You are awesome!

So let's get to work on taking off your mask and let us see the real you!!

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