Stay In Your Lane

Don't look at everyone else; stay in your lane.

I know that every track coach has made this statement because in some races if you step outside of your lane, you're instantly disqualified. Coaches will tell you that when you start looking around at the other competitors, it's too easy to get distracted and lose the race.

Looking behind you to see where other runners are in a race will cause you to lose focus and time and sometimes even cause you to swing into another lane, all of which could cause you to lose the race.

The same principles are true in life when you look around to see what others are doing. When you compare your life to others, you lose focus and time. Sometimes it can cause you to get outside of your "lane" doing things that you were not created to do.

Comparison can be one of our worst enemies.

So how do you win at life? Run your race.

I heard it once said that we have all been dealt our cards in life, and we can't help what we were dealt, but we do get to choose how we play the game.

So play to win. Stop griping and complaining about the cards you were dealt and play the game of life to win.

Run your race to win. Keep your eyes focused on the finish line, not what those around you are doing. Some runners start fast, and they're in first place, but somewhere around the track, they didn't pace themselves well and begin to fall behind. Other runners seem to start slow, but they are pacing themselves well so that they've got what it takes to kick it in when they get to the end.

That's why you cannot worry about what other people do. You just run your race and do the very best you can to the very best of your ability.

In 2011 I preached a sermon on this very topic - running your race, and you can listen to it here. If nothing else, you should check it out to see my short hair! I also did a Facebook live about it. You can listen to it here.

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