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Putting "I Love You" Into Action Part 4

This week we are talking about the language of physical touch.

And I know every guy is like, "This is my top love language." (wink wink)

But it is talking about non-sexual physical touch.

This is towards the bottom of my love languages, so I have to be intentional to love with hugs, back rubs, a touch on the shoulder, etc. Some of you are even uncomfortable even reading about physical touch.

In a world where we can have millions of friends on Facebook but never be in close proximity to people, it is even more important to be intentional with healthy physical touch.

If you have a child whose love language is physical touch, hugs, kisses and cuddles are the most common way of speaking this love language, but there are other ways, too. For example, a dad tosses his son in the air or spins his six year old daughter round and round, and she laughs wildly or a mom that reads a story with her four year old on her lap.

When a child’s primary love language is physical touch, positive touches fill that child’s love tank and can positively affect their behavior. Without hugs, kisses, pats on the back, cuddles and other physical expressions of love, their love tanks will remain less than full.

Tips for a Physical Touch Love Language child:

  • Giving lots of hugs and kisses

  • Holding hands, pats on the back or giving high-fives

  • Snuggling close and reading together

  • Gently squeeze their hand

If this is not your love language or you didn't grow up in a home that showed a lot of affection you may have to set a reminder or put it on your to-do list until it becomes the norm for you.

We all love different, but we all need all 5.

We all need and want to be loved.

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