Putting "I Love You" Into Action Part 3

A pack of sour gummy worms may seem like a small gift, but to a child with the primary emotional touch of gifts, this feels like winning the lottery! An impromptu gift can feed a hungry heart with love. It says to your child “when we were apart you were on my mind in a special way.” Not only is the gift itself important, but customizing the gift to that specific child is vital. Don’t worry, the gifts don’t have to be extravagant, it’s the thought behind the gift that resonates the most with your child.

Loving with gifts is

  • Impromptu

  • Meaningful

  • Specific to your child’s personality

Ways to show your child love through gifts:

  • Going to the dollar tree and buying a simple “I’m thinking of you” gift

  • Creating a photo album for your child of their friends/family

  • Gifting the supplies to create something together (Legos, paint, cooking supplies, etc.)

  • Buying a shirt that represents a tv show, movie, video game, or sports team that they like

  • Mailing a care package to their college dorm

  • Placing sticky notes on a special treat in their lunch box

What can you do now?....

Head on over to amazon.com (free 2-day shipping whoot whoot), drive on over to the dollar tree, or browse your personal family items and maybe you'll discover a small trinket that you can gift as a symbol of your family's legacy!

I look forward to hearing your gift ideas!

Click Here for a FUN gift idea :)

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