Putting "I Love You" Into Action Part 2

1 John 3:18 (NLT) states “Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” John’s saying that the best way to communicate love is through the unity of TRUTH and ACTION.

One way to do this is to understand your child’s primary emotional touchpoint (also known as a love language). An emotional touchpoint is a way to effectively communicate love to one another. The incredible notion is that when we understand how to love with biblical love, we are able to “walk as Jesus” or in other words “walk as LOVE.”

This week we want to look at how we can love our children with…

Words that Affirm

Verbal exchanges are fundamental to our everyday life, but how many of those words are intentionally given?

To a child with affirming words as their love language, these verbal exchanges are critical to their understanding of biblical love. Biblical words of affirmation come from a place of genuine praise.

Be thoughtful with your words instead of saying, “cute outfit” maybe phrase it by saying “Mia, I love the top you chose today! It really shows your spunky style!” Romans 12:9 (ESV) states, “Let love be genuine…” and let your words be genuine as well. Loving with words is intentionally given, genuine, and custom-made.

Ways to affirm your child through words:

  • Affirm both their efforts and achievements

  • Writing encouraging notes to place around the house

  • Customizing your compliments to that specific child

  • Painting/drawing encouraging statements with them

  • Encourage them with bible verses

  • Send a sweet mid-day text to let them know “I love you”

What is something you can do every day to affirm your child with words?

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