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Moving Mountains

20 years Of Dreaming is now a reality through the EP Moving Mountains.

Some things I've learned about dreaming:

1. Sometimes when a dream seems so big you can’t put words to it. When the church first started we knew we wanted to be an influential church. A church that built up the body of Christ, encouraged people, and raised up leaders. But we had no idea what that would look like. A dream is similar to when you first find out you're pregnant, you know a baby is in there, you just have no idea what all has to happen for it to be born.

2. Most of the time you will see somebody else’s dream happen and think, "why not me". But you keep trusting God and His process and keep being faithful where He has you because that dream is growing. Don't compare your dream with somebody else', God gives us our own unique dreams. Just like no two people are the same no two dreams are the same. God is working all things together for your good and to get you ready for your dream to be born.

3. And then one day you wake up and there is an EP everywhere, a baby has been born. Ronald Regan kept a sign on his Presidential desk that read: Any of your dreams can come true if you don’t care who gets the credit. I didn't have much to do with the songwriting or the recording of the EP but I was the first to dream the dream and to help bring it about.

So dream big, God will give you the desires of your heart if you just don't give up.

XOXO - Martha

You can download the Real Hope Worship EP here: Moving Mountains

Share with us something you are dreaming about?

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