Money, Money, Money

Can you hear the Song?

When the words money, finances, prosperity, rich, or poverty come up, what emotions do they invoke in you?

If we don't have an understanding of our finances and a good plan, we can feel fear.

If you have a budget and a game plan for the future, you may feel contentment.

Unfortunately, money is the number one cause of marriage issues, and it doesn't have to be that way.

The Bible has very clear instructions on how to handle our finances. If we understand those instructions and implement them, we can walk in financial freedom.

The Bible doesn't teach a "Prosperity Gospel," but the Gospel of the Kingdom includes prosperity...

I know the "Prosperity Gospel" has certainly hurt many and distorted the truth…

But so has the "Poverty" mindset that infuses people with hopelessness and leaves them feeling like they have no options.

Both mindsets have people feeling like their prosperity or poverty is connected to their spirituality, and it is not.

Most people slamming the "Prosperity Gospel" long to have more money for more impact, but their limiting beliefs create a ceiling they won't allow themselves to break through.

True prosperity is not about toys and trinkets. It's about influence and impact!

Listen, God does not want you to be poor!

I'm not saying that every Christian is supposed to be a zillionaire…

Here's my definition of prosperity: You have more than enough resources to fulfill every divine assignment for your life and enough left over to help others fulfill theirs!

It's about the provision for your vision.

It's about funding your life mission and making your greatest impact!

And to do that, you have to have your finances in order.

Matt and I started debt-free when we got married, but we really didn't have a game plan to handle our finances. So we found ourselves in debt. It was a slow progression.

I got a credit card and was paying the minimum or maybe a little over the minimum. I eventually paid it off, but it was a long process.

Then we needed to upgrade our cars. Why? Just because…

More debt.

Then we needed new furniture because we bought a house.

Then we got pregnant and needed a lot of baby stuff.

And next thing you know, we have maxed out our credit cards, and Matt gets let go of his job. YIKES!

We had been living outside of our means, so we had to figure out how to live within our means… with debt.

I felt panic, stress, anger, fear, anxiousness…

You get the picture.

Now there is stress between Matt and me because we have to decide what we cut out. He hasn't been that involved in the finances, and now he will be a part?

You see where this is going. And the sad thing is that all of this could have been avoided.

I went to a Christian bookstore (remember those) and bought a book on Biblical finances, and we started the envelope system.

We cut things out, worked on our budget, cut more things out, worked on our budget some more until we were living within our means. It was not fun, and I did not like it.

I remember the day we paid off our last debt. It was so exciting!!!! And can I tell you, we have not and will not go back into debt except for our house and maybe a car.

Are your finances in order? If not, what step can you take to get them in order and bring peace to your life?

If you need help or some resources, feel free to reach out. I love helping people with their next steps towards financial freedom.


I Will Get My Finances In Order sermon

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