Mission Trip to Guatemala

This past month I had the privilege to travel with a team from C3 Church to Guatemala on a mission trip. We partnered with World Help and Hope of Life.

Anisa Larson was our team leader and it was such an honor to watch her lead. I remember when she first came to C3, lost and searching. Now to see God using her to lead mission trips with such passion and excellence shows us the power of a transformed life. I love it!!

We are excited to now be able to sponsor a child in our village Tres Marias through World Help. If you attend C3 Church, you can stop at the info center to pick up a packet. Or you can contact Anisa Larson for more information: anisa@c3church.com

5 Benefits of Going on a Mission Trip

1. God can use a mission trip to change you.

On a mission trip, our eyes are opened to seeing God in ways we have never seen before. A mission trip is one of God’s many ways to influence change in your life while using you to change others.

2. You learn to live in the moment.

Letting go of distractions really helps you focus on the work you are doing and live in the moment. Technology is great, but nothing beats interacting closely with the people you are serving and the people you are serving with.

3. You will make long-lasting memories and friends.

You grow close to the people you serve alongside of. While mission trip relationships are short, the memories last a lifetime. You will have lots of great memories to relive: the misfortunate, the funny, the heartfelt, and the miraculous.

4. To be grateful for what you have.

After seeing how little others have, it really puts things into perspective. It makes you reexamine your needs. Seeing how happy others can be with what little they have cultivates a heart of gratitude for the many blessings we already have. As we handed out food bags, it reminded me of how blessed I am and to be eternally grateful.

5. You will continue supporting missions.

Research shows that you are more likely to continue volunteering and supporting missions after you go on a mission trip. Going on a mission trip will open your eyes to a different way of life and experience God in a whole new way. This will influence how you see the world and live your life.

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