Live a Square Life?

Did you know that we all have sleeping giants within us? In other words, we can all do more and be more than we think we can.

Life is like a four-sided square, and each side needs to be invested in to be the best you.

A body, a brain, a heart, and a spirit.

  1. Physical

  2. Mental

  3. Social

  4. Spiritual

Life cannot be complete without developing all four. Each side affects the other three sides, and to live life to the fullest, you must engage all four.

The more you engage or give in each area, the more will come back to you in each area.

In other words, If you will use your gifts and talents, you will find yourself growing physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually and If you share with others what you are learning, you will grow exponentially.

The world of the generous gets bigger and bigger, but the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.

So I have learned to invest, learn, and teach.


Invest time ~ To read or listen to teachings

Invest money ~ To get some kind of coaching or training, be it, individual or group.


Learn something new every day


Maybe you can learn something that will help you physically, like how much water you should drink per day. Do some research and then implement what you learned. (By the way, it is half your body weight in ounces :)

Learn something that will affect you mentally. The best way to keep your brain sharp is actually to learn about something new. The world is always changing, so we need to be mentally aware. I am in a coaching program, learning how to best use FB pages and all about FB ads and many other new things.


We all need each other. Reach out to a friend (Social). Who is somebody you can encourage or add value to? Maybe somebody, where you work, is stuck and you could teach them something to help them move forward.

One outside-of-the-box way to teach is through FB lives (Social). This was a new learning curve for me. I have spoken before thousands of people, yet, I was so nervous on my first FB live, but I invested in learning how and then I invested in my mental self and got it done. I am learning something new and teaching something to others at the same time!

Was it great? Maybe not, but the reason you do something for the first time is to get over your nervousness. Now you can say you did it, you lived, and you can work on improving.

Don’t forget that you have a spirit. You need to take time for the spiritual things, or else your square will be lop-sided. There are many online church services you can watch that will feed your spirit. So many people say they feel much better after attending a church service. has services on sight as well as online. If you haven’t been to church in a while, let me encourage you to invest in your spirit. Just try it and see what difference it makes.

You can also read your Bible, a devotional (there are so many out there), or you can simply get alone with God and see what He is speaking to you and journal.

So of the 4 sided you, physical, mental, social, and spiritual, which side have you neglected, and how do you need to invest?

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