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Leaving Egypt (COVID-19)

As I write this blog we are in the middle of Covid-19. All over the world, schools and businesses are closed, people are fearful, and the future looks bad. We are having to meet on zoom calls and stay 6 feet away from each other and quarantine ourselves.

President Trump has called for a day of prayer. is asking that we pray twice a day all over the world. We are believing that we will be able to have church together for Easter. (That would be a huge miracle.)

As I thought of this scenario, it reminded me of the children of Israel. They were in bondage and wanted to worship God together. They wanted to leave Egypt and go to the desert to offer sacrifices to God. Psalm 105 summarizes the story.

Just as they were in bondage and wanted to go and worship God, we are in lockdown and we want to meet together to worship God, especially on Easter.

Psalm 105

37 Then He brought Israel out with silver and gold. And there was not one weak person among their families. 38 Egypt was glad when they left. For they had become afraid of Israel. 39 He spread a cloud for a covering, and fire to give light at night. 40 They asked, and He brought them quails for meat. And He filled them with the bread of heaven. 41 He opened the rock and water flowed out. It flowed in the desert like a river.

Look at all of the benefits and blessings that God gave to the children of Israel as they were coming out of bondage:

  • They came out with silver and gold ~ I believe that the Holy Spirit is giving believers innovative and creative ideas that are going to become like silver and gold.

  • There was not one sick person among them ~ I am believing that healing is flowing through God's people.

  • Their enemies were afraid of them ~ They did not back down but moved forward in strength. I believe our enemies fear us and we will not back down.

  • God spread a cloud over them for a covering ~ He is our covering, He is our protection.

  • He gave them a fire to be light at night ~ There is no need for us to fear the terrors of the night.

  • God opened the rock and water flowed out ~ God brought streams in the desert.

God provided everything they needed, but it was when they needed it and not before. They had to trust God to provide for their every need.

We want God to show us how He is going to provide and how things are going to end, but that is not trust.

Psalms 20:7

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.

What are you putting your trust in? Your job, the government, your stuff?

We have to put our trust in the Lord, our God, who gives us the victory.

We have to build up our faith to trust God and that comes through knowing the Word of God. So every day, declare the truth of God's Word over your life.

The Israelites didn't know all that was going to happen as they left Egypt to go to worship God, but He never failed them. He is a faithful God.

So no matter what your circumstances look like, declare God's truth.

Here is a declaration to get you started.

I will come out of this situation with silver and gold.

I have wisdom, I have creative ideas, I am innovative, I am reinventing myself.

God's healing power is flowing through me, I am healed and whole in Jesus' Name.

My enemies are afraid of me and they will become an army fighting on my behalf.

God's favor surrounds me like a shield, He is my protector.

I will not fear the terrors of the night for He never leaves me.

God is making streams in the desert. His presence refreshes my soul.

I will worship God.

I will praise the Name of the Lord.

He is worthy to be praised.

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