Intentional Strategy

January can obviously be a month of planning and starting fresh, but as we start February, I want to share eight things you can do to continue or do to have a successful 2021.

8 Things You Can Do To Have a Great Year.

1. In times of uncertainty, show up.

If you want your marriage, family, friendships, and ministry or business to succeed, you have to be visible and in the trenches as a leader.⁣

2. Ask for help to reach your goals.

Help rarely finds a person who doesn’t ask for it!⁣

3. Learn what motivates you.

The next time you’re in the groove and feeling great, take a pause and capture the conditions that allowed you to become so motivated. ⁣

⁣4. Don't let chaos cloud your mindset.

This too shall pass. Today’s chaos will be tomorrow’s memory.⁣

⁣5. Set priorities, and start at the top.

The ability to set priorities is vital to a successful life and a successful day. ⁣

⁣6. Take control of yourself to stay healthy.

What are you doing to be intentional to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy? It doesn’t just happen.

⁣7. Remember, you can control your attitude.

Self-assessment is a crucial part of success. ⁣

8. Set a tangible goal to get the result you want.

With your marriage, family, friendships, and ministry or business in 2021.

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