God Still Heals

God is Jehovah Rapha - the God who heals.

When it comes to healing, there are two extreme beliefs:

1. Name it and claim it.

The problem with this extreme is if you don’t get your healing, you feel or are made to feel like something is wrong with you, and it brings on condemnation, and the Bible tells us there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

2. Dispensationalism.

This is the belief that God used to heal, but healing has ceased, and He does not heal anymore - it stopped. (This is how I grew up).

Here is what Matt and I believe and what our church believes.


The #1 question people ask when it comes to healing is, “Why does He heal some and not others?”

I will answer that for you here in this blog, and I answered it in the sermons I’ve done on healing. Are you ready for the answer?


But here is what I do know:

God is Jehovah Rapha; God is Healer; it is who He is.

God is good and God always does the right thing.

What we think is Healing is limited to our finite minds and our earth experience. God lives in a realm much larger than ours. His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts. His definition of healing is very different than ours.

God is the Lord God, who heals.

His Word says:

“Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.” — Matthew 9:35

“‘But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD…” — Jeremiah 30:17

“Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” — James 5:16

And God does not change.

Hebrews 13:8 states, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (NIV).

So if He did it before, He will do it now!

This past Sunday, I spoke at C3 Church about how God Is Our Healer. You can listen to it here.

Sometimes God’s healing can look so different than what we think our healing should look.

(2 Timothy 4:18) The Lord will rescue me (Healing here on earth) from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory forever and ever. Amen.

Sometimes God heals here on earth, and sometimes it is heaven. Sometimes he heals on earth and in heaven.

But He does heal.

  • We want Him to heal us physically; He says I want to heal you spiritually and emotionally.

  • We need to forgive ourselves.

  • We need to forgive others.

  • We want God to do something for us, but He wants to do something in us.

  • He wants to teach us to trust Him in seasons of pain.

In the meantime we keep walking in obedience, trusting God to keep His promises, either here or There, believing He has already equipped us for the path He has laid out for us, trusting He will give us what we need for each second, moment, hour and season.


God is Healer Sermon - God is Series

Divine Healing - Making Faith Work Sermon (Book of James Series)

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