Fun Ways to Connect With Your Kids

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How do you connect with your kids? It doesn’t happen automatically. You have to be intentional to make it happen.

Proverbs 22:6

Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Another version says to train up.

Covid-19 has us in our homes with our families and for many of you, homeschooling your kids.

With that in mind, a question I have for you is, how are you directing or training up your children?

Are you training them to laugh and have fun or to be stressed out?

Are you directing them to be fearful or to trust God?

Are you teaching them the Word of God or the world’s ways?

Are you blessing them or cursing them?

Do you speak life and potential over them or do you speak death?

None of us are perfect parents. Matt and I are not, but we can stand on the truth that we gave them Jesus. And he is pursuing them, loving them, and writing their story.

We have always tried to do things that interested them. We have never put them down or belittled them for enjoying things that were popular in their generation. We joined in!

We actually showed our kids Instagram. We got on snap chat when they did. We got different video gaming systems that they liked and tried to play with them. I say tried because we never were good or competitive at video games.

We didn’t make them feel bad for liking things that they have access to that we didn’t have growing up. Kids in this generation can’t help that there are video games and smartphones. So as parents, we need to help set boundaries and teach them how to use their time wisely.

Why? Because you have to work to connect with your kids. If you want to be in their lives, you have to do things they are interested in.

Even when it comes to reading books. If you’re not sure that a book is good for them to read, read it together, and talk about why. If you get into the book and it’s inappropriate, you can talk about it and then explain why we don’t need to finish it.

You can’t just say “no” to your kids all of the time with no explanation or conversation and then wonder why they don’t open up and talk with you.

Here are some great parenting books to help you. Click the links for more details!

NOW our kids, of our kids, is into TikTok. So here are Matt and I’s TikToks with our kids! THESE ARE A MUST-WATCH! LOL!!!

Matt and Caroline ~ Click here to watch!

Martha and Caroline ~ Click here to watch!

Martha and Caroline ~ Click here to watch!

Lenox ~ Click here to watch!

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