Family Time

In this season of 2020, let me encourage you to not despise being together as a family. See it as an opportunity to connect and grow closer to those that will always be in your life.

Take time to pray, read the Bible together, laugh, have fun, make memories and show your kids how to live in the joy of the Lord.

If you’ve never had intentional family time together and prayed together, it might sound overwhelming or at least a little awkward, so let me encourage you to do it awkward! It will become a new normal and something your family looks forward to.

Here are some ideas for ways to have family time:

  1. Give each family member a day to lead family time. You can do it around a meal or before bed.

  2. Let them pick a worship song to sing and a verse to share. Youtube has lots of great videos with words on them so you don’t have to be musical.

  3. Have each family member share a high and a low that they are feeling. (There is no right or wrong answer).

  4. You can close in prayer or have everyone say a prayer.

  5. Every once in a while, play a game or go on a walk.

This difficult season could be one that changes your family forever for the better.

The main thing is to connect with those who are closest to you. ❤️

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