Closet Organization

One thing I can say about being home a lot; you cannot ignore the things you have put off any longer.

For me, I had all of these little projects, things needed to be moved, cleaned out, cleaned off, and rearranged. I could no longer walk by, procrastinate and say, “I’ll do that later." I had to live in it all day, and it started driving me crazy.

If every time you walk into your office, it's a mess and chaotic, or you open a drawer or closet, and your mind goes to what you need to do to clean it up, and it stresses you out, your peace is being stolen.

A cluttered house is a cluttered mind.

Barbara Hemphill says, “Clutter is postponed decisions.”

So I did a brain dump. That is when you write down everything you have ever thought needed to be done. You then prioritize these projects. Which one do you want to be done first? Maybe you pick one that is easy to get done, so you have quick success. Then you can check it off the list. I love doing that!

Here are the projects I got done:

I cleaned off my desk. I moved a TV downstairs. (It sat in my office for months) 😜 I put my winter clothes away and brought out my summer clothes. I got rid of clothes that I didn’t wear anymore or that don’t fit. And I ORGANIZED my SHOES.

I found these shoe holders on Amazon that give you more space in your closet.

This is what my shoe shelves looked like before:

This is After:

Isn’t that beautiful! The shoe stacker organizes the shoes up and down, vertically, and not side by side horizontally. It even holds men's shoes so I did this in Matt’s closet too!

Since I've organized it, I have walked in my closet a million times and just look at my shoes, and feel peace!

Now I’m off to look at my brain dump list to see what other projects I can get done. 🤗

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