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Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup is a staple recipe we make on the Daniel’s Fast.

But when we are not on the Daniel’s fast, we add grilled cheese or a salad. Either combo makes a delicious meal.

Fun Facts:

  • Squash has been eaten for over 10,000 years and began as wild squash grown in Guatemala and Mexico.

  • The name ‘butternut’ comes from its buttery flesh and nutty flavor.

  • One big advantage of the butternut squash is that you don’t need to peel it. The skin is thin and is softened by cooking.

  • It’s a versatile squash that can be eaten raw or steamed, but the flavor really comes out when it is roasted.

  • Vitamins A, C, and E, manganese, potassium, iron, soluble fiber, and magnesium are a benefit of butternut squash.


1-2 Large Butternut Squash, cubed

2 Tbsp ginger root peeled and julienned

2 Tsp Minced Garlic

1 Large sweet onion chopped

1/2 Cup white wine

1 Tsp Salt

1 Tsp Pepper

1 Tbsp Tarragon

Dash of cayenne

4 Cups chicken bone broth or vegetable broth (I use chicken)

1 Cup of full-fat coconut milk, canned


Put the cubed squash in the oven on 350 for about 15 min or until it’s easy to cut with a knife.

Sauté the ginger root, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, tarragon, and cayenne until tender/browned. Adding the wine to the pan in the last couple of minutes.

Put the mixture in a large soup pot with squash and broth. I start with 4 cups and add more later.

Simmer until tender and then blend or purée.

Add more broth, salt, and pepper to desired taste and consistency. When ready to serve, add 1 cup coconut full-fat milk.

Garnish with bacon bits, sour cream, and croutons for fun. ENJOY!!

Check out my recipe page to download this recipe and the recipe for a Roasted Rainbow Veggie Salad that has butternut squash in it also!

Are you more visual? Here is a reel of me making the Butternut Squash Soup!

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