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Biblical Parenting

I love our "You Asked For It" series. It is always interesting to see what topics people want to learn about and what the Bible has to say about them.

But God just doesn't want us to just have the knowledge, He wants us to live out what His Word says.

If we trust that God is for us and that He has a great plan and purpose for our life, we will obey Him.

So let's not just ask questions to ask questions, let's do what God tells us to do.

This week I spoke on Biblical Parenting.

Really, parenting is leadership. Where are you leading your kids? Can you say follow me as I follow Christ?

You can watch the sermon here. You can also check out past sermons on parenting here and here.

If you feel like you need help knowing what the Bible has to say about parenting, we will have C3 Connect Groups on Biblical Parenting in the fall. If you don't go to C3 Church, check out your church's connect groups to see if they have one.

Remember, every righteous deed you do for your kids will last for 1000's of generations.

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