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Adjust Your Vacation Expectation

Ahhhh, vacation!

Time to rest and relax, right?? But how many of you have come back from vacation needing a vacation from your vacation?

Our family took a vacation a few weeks ago, and it was anything but restful. It was fun and exciting and adventurous, but not relaxing.

I think vacations really aren't for rest and relaxation. Vacations are important and needed, so if they aren’t for rest and relaxation... what are they for?

I believe that vacations are to change your daily rhythm, to do things differently. They get you out of your everyday life and into a new rhythm. You may rest and relax, but that's not the point. It is to do things differently.

This is so healthy, and it's how God created us! He wants us to have a Sabbath, He wants us to change our rhythm. When we take a Sabbath we change up our routine, do things differently, and use our minds in a different way. The same is true on a vacation.

On our vacation, we had all of our family and friends staying in one place, sleeping on air mattresses and couches. We were cooking for about 20 people, 3 times a day. (Because who wants to go out to eat with that many people?)

We sat and talked, played games, walked on the beach, some went shopping, some went fishing, we stayed up late and slept in. It was restful and relaxing at times, but sometimes it was stressful and a little chaotic. We wouldn’t live like that all the time, but it was fun for a week.

So what can you expect this year as your family goes on vacation? Here are 4 things:

1. Do things differently & find a new rhythm. If you are a super scheduled person, lighten up this week, have some days that you don’t know what you’re going to do. If you never schedule anything, take some time and plan a day of activities. Use your mind in a different way. Play and have fun, whatever that means for your family.

2. Connect with those you are with. Life can get so busy our families can feel more like roommates than family. Let me encourage you to eat meals together. Lookup table talk kinds of questions and ask each other and listen. Have times when all phones are put away and nobody can be on their phone. Find a new rhythm of being together and connecting.

3. Make memories that will last a lifetime. Do something fun that you don't normally do. And parents do something your kids want to do, get out of your comfort zone. Do selfies with everybody who is on the vacation with you! The ideas go on and on, but the point is to make good memories.

4. Thank God. Take a few minutes to come together and for everybody to share 3 things they are thankful for and then pray together. Thank God for the time to get away and then thank Him for each person, call them by name. This is the part that will leave a legacy and last for eternity.

So this vacation, don’t have unrealistic expectations. Go into it with a new mindset. You're still going to prepare meals, clean up messes, and have attitudes to deal with, but let me encourage you to not focus on resting and relaxing but to focus on finding a new rhythm for a week. Then you will go home ready for all God has for you.

Enjoy your vacation and have the best summer ever!


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