A Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Have you ever been away from home and wanted to work out but felt the conditions didn’t allow you to?

The weather was bad.

You were at a hotel, and you don’t like running on a treadmill, or the treadmill was broken.

You were in a new city and were not comfortable going far from where you are staying.

You are a mom and don’t want to take all the kids with you on your workout.

You only have an hour for lunch and want to do a workout that will make a difference in your health.

The answer is intervals. You can do an interval workout anywhere.

Interval running or workouts involves periods of high-intensity running alternated with low-intensity running, walking, or rest. These cycles allow greater intensities within the workout but reduce the overall total training time.

For example:

You may go fast for 30 seconds and then slow for 1 minute.

You can go fast for 1 minute and slow for 1 minute.

You can go fast for 1 minute and slow for 30 seconds.

If you run longer distances, you can go fast for 3 minutes and slow for 1 minute.

My sister ran a ½ marathon and ran for 3 miles and walked one mile, and the last 4 miles she ran.

You can do any variety of intervals you like.

The one l like to do is kind of a count down—the “fast” changes every time by 15 seconds.

1 minute slow

2 minutes fast

1 minute slow

1 minute 45 seconds fast

1 minute slow

1 minute 30 seconds fast

1 minute slow

1 minute 15 seconds fast

1 minute slow

1 minute fast

1 minute slow

45 seconds fast

1 minute slow

30 seconds fast

1 minute slow

Your fast can be a fast walk, while your slow is a slower walk. I like to run the fast part and walk the slow. Sometimes I run the fast part and do a slower run on the slow part.

You can walk stairs for the fast and stop on the slow section.

You can do this in your backyard. Walk around the perimeter fast and then stop or walk slowly on the slow parts.

You can do this interval at work or in a new city because you don’t have to go far you don’t need a lot of space because it is a timed interval and you are always changing time, so I don’t worry about changing scenery.

The goal is to get your heart rate up on the fast parts and to allow your heart rate to slow down on the slow part.

This is a better workout for your heart and your body. When you run at the same pace, your heart rate can actually level out, and it won’t be as effective of a workout.

This excerpt from an article in Road Runner Sports explains why this is.

Your body is pretty awesome. It adapts impressively fast to the continuous stress of training, such as long-distance running. Although it’s great that our bodies can evolve to keep up with us, it also means that the effect of your regular workout will fade over time. In essence, you plateau in terms of progress and performance—which is where interval training running comes in. To improve your cardiovascular system and speed up your metabolism, you need to incorporate new challenges into your workout, and interval running is the perfect fit. Interval running keeps your body guessing, and doesn’t let it get accustomed to a routine. Fast interval sprints enhance the body’s maximum oxygen absorption, transportation (heart), capacity (lungs), and utilization (cells). Altogether, this dramatically enhances your body’s performance, allowing you to run faster and further for longer. Marathon runners: don’t discount interval training running. Adding these workouts to your regular routine can effectively lower your lactic acid levels. You’ll have better endurance and will be able to log even more miles without feeling the added stress and fatigue. Say goodbye to those awful muscle cramps that always seem to plague you on your final stretch.

There are some great apps out there to help you do an interval workout and keep track of the times, so you don’t even have to think about it. You can also listen to music or a podcast, and the app will still tell you when it is time to change pace.

I use runkeeper. It allows me to add my own interval times, and it also has some built-in intervals you can choose.

Remember to drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water. It is even more important when you are moving. And also, try to get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your body to oxidize your blood and help with muscle recovery.

As you can see, anybody can do an interval workout.

So what are you waiting for? Time to get moving and get your heart pumping.

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