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6 Human Needs

According to Human Needs Psychology and Life Coach, Tony Robbins, all humans have the same 6 fundamental needs. These are not wants or preferences, they are needs and as these needs are met, they lead to our success and happiness.

Each day we look to fill these needs or have these needs met. We will either meet these needs in our lives in a healthy way or in an unhealthy way; In a constructive way or in a destructive way. We always have a choice in how our needs are met.

The 6 needs are:

Certainty - the need for safety, stability, security, order, predictability, control and consistency. The ability to experience pleasure and avoid pain.

Uncertainty/Variety - the need for variety, surprise, challenges, excitement, differences, chaos, adventure change, and novelty. If everything is always the same we get bored.

Significance - the need to have meaning; to feel special, needed, wanted; a sense of importance and worthy of love.

Love and Connection - the need for communication, unified approval, and attachment - to feel connected with, intimate, and loved by other human beings. Everybody wants love and when love feels too vulnerable or scary people will settle for connection. And when connection feels too vulnerable or scary, people will settle for "pity" to connect with themselves.

Growth - the need for constant emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

Contribution/Serving - the need to give beyond ourselves; Give, care, protect, and serve others. When we serve people, this need brings you the highest energy and the most joy.

The first two may seem like a contradiction, but you need both. They just need to be in balance. If you have too much certainty, it leads to boredom and if you have too much variety, it leads to feeling overwhelmed.

Significance and love need to also be in balance. If you spend to much time searching for significance, you may have trouble with deep intimate relationships that need love and connection to thrive.

The last two needs, growth and contribution, are needs of the spirit and they provide structure for fulfillment and happiness.

What I love about God is that He created us with all of these needs, according to Human Needs Psychology, and then He is the one who will meet all of them.

God is our certainty - He gave us His spirit and is He is always with us.
God is our uncertainty - We have to trust and follow Him, even when we don't understand.
God is our significance - He is the one who gives our lives meaning. He created every one of us with purpose. No one is an accident.
God is love and He wants to connect with you. God loves you! The reason He sent His son, Jesus, to die on the cross and three days later rise from the grave, is so that He could be in a personal relationship with you.
God is our growth - As you study His Word, the Bible, you will always be growing and learning.
God calls us to serve one another - He created us to serve. When people serve, it not only helps the person being served, it also meets our needs as well.

God did create us with needs and He created us to meet each other's needs, but humans will always fall short. So God has to be our FIRST source to meet our needs and then we can look to ourselves and then people.

What needs of yours are being met in a healthy way?

What needs of yours are not being met and so you are doing unhealthy things?

Who can you serve today to meet your ultimate need?

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