5 Reasons to Drink a Smoothie Every Day

I remember sitting in the Natural Path doctor's office, and he told me I needed to make a smoothie every day, put healthy ingredients in it, and I would begin to see my health improve.

I remember thinking, "I have never made a smoothie in my life. How do you make a smoothie?"

I made sure he gave me the recipe because I really had no idea what to do, and I kept that recipe with me for a long time because I didn't want to do it wrong. It is so funny to me now because you really can't mess up a smoothie.

Now hundreds of smoothies later, I don't have to have the recipe. Even though I use recipes to try new greens and veggie combinations, I don't have to have it.

Not only have I made many smoothies, but I have also taught other people how to make a smoothie.

Why do I make smoothies, teach people how to make them, and put on these smoothie challenges? Because there are many benefits to drinking a smoothie a day.

1. Smoothies are the best breakfast.

Think of the word… break-fast.

A fast is when you go for a period of time without food.

When you wake up in the morning and eat your first meal, you are breaking a fast.

Nighttime is usually the longest time we go without eating, so what you eat first thing in the morning is important.

The typical American breakfast consists of lots of sugar and bread (lots of carbohydrates), which causes a mid-morning crash of energy and focus.

However, what happens when you drink a smoothie for breakfast? There is no mid-morning crash. Instead, there is a more sustained energy burst throughout the morning. This is because smoothies are a mix of protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and fat, which our body takes longer to digest and convert into fuel.

Not a huge "breakfast" person? No worries! You can have a smoothie any time of day. It is a quick and fun way to increase your nutrients whenever you drink one.

2. Smoothies keep you hydrated.

Most people do not get enough water or healthy liquids in their diet. So adding 2-3 cups of water as your base is a great way to start hydrating your body. Even if you use a nut milk as your base, many fruits and vegetables have a high water content, so it is still a great way to start hydrating your body.

Staying hydrated is beneficial for our skin, digestive system, and overall body function. We need to be drinking ½ our body weight in water, and smoothies are a great way to start your water intake.

3. Smoothies are packed with fruits and vegetables.

Let's be honest – most of us are not eating 6-8 servings of raw fruits and vegetables a day. We may throw some vegetables in with our dinner, but they are probably baked or fried. Ultimately, the average North American diet is very LOW in fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are a great way of sneaking more vegetables into your diet. Cruciferous vegetables like kale and broccoli are nutrient-dense vegetables high in micronutrients like calcium, magnesium, b-vitamins, and iron. Talk about superfoods!!

4. Smoothies are pumped with Superfoods and Antioxidants.

Smoothies are a great way to boost your immune system, digestive tract, and skin health with superfoods and antioxidants. You can add additional greens, reds, and golds powders to increase the nutritional value of your smoothie. Try adding Maca, Chia seeds, and extra fiber to your smoothie for even more healthy benefits.

5. Smoothies are a convenient and on-the-go food.

You can make smoothies the night before and have them in the refrigerator, ready to grab and go in the morning. It will bring superfood nutrition to your body and give you brainpower for the day ahead.

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