29 Years and Counting

This past Monday, Matt and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary!

We always get questions about what tips we can give to help other couples along the way, and I thought I would share a few here!

Now, if you have read my book, Moving Forward, you would have read that it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows! We had to do some work! And we still do!

Marriage is not easy. When you put two people together with different views, opinions, wants, and needs, there are bound to be some bumps in the road.

Here are my top marriage advice tips:

1. Pray together daily ~ Even if it feels awkward!

2. Spend time together.

  • Weekly - Plan a date night, even if it's a night in watching a movie.

  • Monthly - Plan an overnight stay, even if it's in a hotel in your local town or city.

  • Yearly - Plan an annual get-a-way

3. Always be working on your communication with each other together.

  • Ex: You read the same book separately and then discuss the chapters to see what you each took away from the resource.

4. Stay healthy together.

  • One key to a great marriage is to present your best self to each other! If you struggle in this area and need some help, join me for my next Shred10! Don’t know what that is? Email me!

And here are some great resources that we recommend:

  1. Marriage on the Rock

  2. Vision Retreat Guidebook

  3. Sheet Music

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