And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:7


“Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10 


It is only in stillness that we can understand the full character of God. It is in stillness that we submit to God. There are many benefits to practicing this spiritual discipline, especially in that it allows us to know God. If we keep ourselves so busy and distracted we cannot hear from Him.


It’s funny that stillness is something that you actually have to do. 

It takes effort and intentionality.

You actually have to do NOTHING. What does that even look like? 

Our “normal lives” are usually so busy physically, with work, family and all of our daily commitments.  With the introduction of COVID-19, we may have changed the locations, but we probably have added the mental busyness of stress, anxiety and possibly fear.

In order to experience His Peace, which exceeds ALL Understanding, we need to practice being still daily.

  1. Choose a time and place for practicing stillness every day. Stillness is best done in solitude so be sure your time and place is somewhere that you can be alone.  This can be a little tricky right now, but you can go outside and sit on the porch or get up early to be alone.
  2. Set a timer and physically be still in your quiet place. This may only be 5 minutes to start but it will be a start!
  3. Quiet and still your mind. Sit with your disappointments. It is ok to feel the reality of your limitations, letdowns and everything that’s undone. It really is okay!
  4. Offer this time to the Lord in faith. Tell Him that you want to intentionally acknowledge His sovereignty and control over your life. Invite Him to reveal Himself to you in this stillness.
  5. Wait for the Lord. Don’t go into your time with an agenda. Simply sit before Him. If worries and thoughts take your mind down a rabbit trail, simply tell yourself (gently!) this is not the time for that and refocus on the Lord.

If you practice this routine daily, you will begin to feel the peace that only God provides. Journal how you feel after each time you practice your stillness. It is also a great way to begin or end your day.  Right now, we may even need to retreat in the midst of our days to keep peace front and center.

By working stillness into your day, week, and year, you’ll be more quick to notice how He shows up in your life. You’ll experience a deeper relationship with Him as you rely on His strength and trust in His sovereignty


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