Hope In Your Home


My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.  Isaiah 32:18


But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.  Joshua 24:15


In this season of social distancing, God is calling us closer to our families. We can take this time to minister to the people He has called us to be closest with in our lives.  

 We can get so busy serving and working for others that our families get the leftovers of our love, respect, and attention. It happens to us all.

Isn’t it ironic how much more patient, kind, and loving we are towards people we probably won’t have much to do with in a few  years than we are towards the people who will be holding our hand when we die? Wouldn’t it be great if we poured the majority of our energy into our family first, before pouring it into the lives of others?

No one outside of your family has as much influence over your family as you do. Our ministry should start in our own family and then overflow to the people outside of our family.

We have been put in a position to put our families first.  What can we do to give them our best? 

Write them notes of encouragement, offer to do their chores, bring some lunch to their bedside when they’re not feeling well, pray with them, share the great things God is doing in your life just like you would share with your friends and co-workers. Think of all the things that you joyfully do for others, and then do them for your family.

There are also some ways that we can intentionally limit chaos in our homes

  • Get up early to have quiet time and read your Bible - If you start off your day in the still Presence of God, you can start off with peace
  • Don’t start off your day with social media and news - We can get overwhelmed and annoyed with the posts and headlines. Limit your time in these areas.
  • Try your best not to rush through all of your tasks - We all have deadlines, but take a moment to slow down and prioritize what is really a big deal.
  • Think through and evaluate the rules in your home that lead to the biggest conflicts - Sometimes, we can be too critical. Is it just that it is annoying and not harmful? We can possibly cut out unnecessary negative interactions.
  • Stop multitasking - When our minds are scattered, we can become frustrated and take it out on others. Try to focus your mind on one thing at a time. 
  • Review your schedule for the next day before you go to bed - You don’t want to wake up in the morning having to sort through your tasks and priorities. 
  • Pray more frequently with your family - Gather the family. Sit down and ask God to bring peace to your day! It might sound difficult but just try it. God really does work through it.

As we begin to minister to our families more each day, we will create an environment of peace in our homes.


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