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My wife, DeLynn, and I are so thankful for Ps. Martha and the strength, grace, and love she leads with. Her message in "Moving Forward" is one that we can all not only relate to, but truly need to hear, be challenged by, and find hope in. Forgiveness is the key to freedom and it's something our souls depend on. A MUST READ!

Ps. Dino Rizzo

Executive Director

The Association of Related Churches


In Moving Forward, Martha Fry communicates clearly the art of forgiveness. At some point in our lives, we all have to make the decision to free others and ultimately ourselves for the trap of unforgiveness.  Martha gives us a clear path to that freedom!

Anthony Evans

Worship leader/Author

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Carolyn Haas

Co-Lead Pastor, Substance Church

Minneapolis, MN

I am so excited about this book, Moving Forward.  It is a message we ALL need to not just hear but walk through. I absolutely love that Martha is vulnerable and shares her own stories and the stories of others.  I love that it's not just an overly simplified 5-minute solution, but it's super practical and it’s a journey that we have to engage in.  There is homework we have to do but the healing and freedom ahead of us is worth it.  I can’t wait for everyone I know to read this book.  Thank you, Martha, for walking through the deep work personally, so you could help the rest of us!


Moving Forward is a necessity for everyone. Martha explores the depth of freedom found in forgiveness. We are facing an epidemic of offense, bitterness, and pain in our communities. So how do we not just “let it go”, but practically and intentionally learn to forgive and heal? Moving Forward is a timely and effective book for us all.

Wendy Perez

Lead Pastor, ChurchLV

Las Vegas, NV

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Matt and Martha Fry have built one of the greatest churches among Liberty University graduates.  C3 Church is powerful in evangelistic outreach, Bible teaching and changing lives.  A pastor can never do a great work of God without a great wife who not only shares the vision, but shares the burden and shares the ministry.  C3 Church could not have accomplished what God has done through them without Martha’s unique role in writing her book Moving Forward. 
Everyone needs to read this wonderful book on forgiveness and all that comes with this process.  May God bless this book to help those who are struggling with forgiveness.

Elmer L. Towns

Co Founder, Liberty University