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Letting Go Of Stuff That Will Kill You

Even if you think you have forgiven someone, latent anger is a sure sign you are suffering from an unresolved offense or abuse. And in an effort to protect yourself, you have likely hurt others as well. Managing anger will never get you to freedom. You have to address the root cause. Forgiveness is not necessarily reconciliation. Forgiveness is not magic, and healing is a process.  MOVING FORWARD will guide you to the root and help you begin to do the work required to walk in forgiveness. It will help you let go of the stuff that is killing you and guide you down the road to freedom!

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Moving Forward

Moving Forward by Martha Fry unlocks the power of forgiveness in ways that will open your heart no matter what you've suffered and endured. Grounded by the truth of God's Word and filtered through more than twenty years of ministry, Martha's message clarifies what it means to forgive as an act of faithful obedience without minimizing the offense and its consequences. This book is a wonderful resource for anyone struggling to practice forgiveness in their lives.

Chris Hodges
Senior Pastor,
Church of the Highlands
Author of The Daniel Dilemma
and What’s Next?

I have always appreciated Martha Fry's quest for the truth and wholeness. In her book, Moving Forward, Martha explores the depths of unforgiveness and how it affects not only us but those around us. Her personal story as well as scriptural and practical solutions will empower you to live your life walking in forgiveness!

Holly Wagner
Founding Pastor, Oasis Church
Founder She Rises,
Author of Find Your Brave

We serve a God who is rich in forgiveness, so why is it such a hard thing for us to do ourselves? Yet incredible freedom is found in forgiveness, whether it is extended towards those who have hurt us, or to the person who is so often our worst enemy: ourselves. Martha's excellent book will help you learn to break down the barriers and rediscover the power of radical forgiveness.

Greg Surratt

Founding Pastor Seacoast Church

President of ARC

Do you find yourself wondering why you still hold on to past hurts? Martha Fry helps to answer those questions as she transparently shares her own forgiveness journey along with principles from the Bible that will empower you to walk in forgiveness! This book will encourage and challenge you to become who God intended you to be!

Pastor Rob and Becca Ketterling

Lead Pastors

River Valley Church

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