Friday Fun!

May 22, 2020


Happy Fri-Yay!  🎉🎉🎉


And this Friday is exciting because NC restaurants are opening up!


One thing that I have noticed during Covid-19, is that I have found myself getting offended at the craziest things.  I’ve had to just turn off my TV and not get on social media as much just to keep myself from getting frustrated and ultimately offended at people I don’t even know and situations I can’t control.


How many of you have talked back to the TV in a not-so-nice way?  😳


How many of you have gone off on social media in a not-so-nice way?  😳😳


A few weeks ago, a book I wrote, Moving Forward, was released. (You can get it here!) I wrote the book because if there were one thing I could share with you, it would be the principle in this book. One thing that can keep you stuck is unforgiveness, carrying an offense.

We live in the age of offense.

The Webster Dictionary defines an offense as something that outrages the moral or physical senses.


I wrote a blog on how living offended can destroy relationships and also included ten verses you can meditate on to guard your heart from offense.


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Three Interesting Things I want to share with you this week... 


1. Moving Forward

Tomorrow I am doing a book signing at the C3 Cafe.  Somebody told me they were coming to just be around people!  I replied with, “Why do you think I am doing a book signing?!”  😂😂😂

So if you live in the Clayton or Raleigh area, come to the C3 Cafe and get a cup of coffee, see some friends and get a book signed.  If you don’t live in the area, pour yourself a cup of coffee, go on Amazon and order my book Moving Forward!

2. #myhopestory

This past Sunday, Pastor Matt challenged us to share our story of hope. He called it my hope story.  If you go on Facebook or Instagram and search #myhopestory, you can see all of the stories of hope and life change that people have shared.

In a day when we can get so discouraged by the news, these stories will encourage you and energize you. 

Speaking of testimonies, this week Ravi Zacharias went to see Jesus.  He lived a full, impactful life.  I was blessed that I got to hear him speak.

He was an apologist, a person who defends the Bible and the Life of Jesus. How he found Jesus is amazing.  At the age of 17, he found himself wanting to end his life… Click here to hear him tell his story.


3. Friday Fashion

Every Thursday and Friday Savvi is adding new clothes to the app!  If you don’t have the app you can download it here. If nothing else, you can see new clothing trends.

If you reply to this email I will send you a $25 off coupon code. 

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Laughter is Good Medicine!


Here are some of my favorite memes that have made me laugh.

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Remember the Best is Yet to Come!!!

You are going to make it!!