Friday Fun!

May 1, 2020

One thing I can say about being home a lot; you cannot ignore the things you have put off any longer.  

For me, I had all of these little projects, things needed to be moved, cleaned out, cleaned off, and rearranged.  I could no longer walk by, procrastinate and say, “I’ll do that later." I had to live in it all day, and it started driving me crazy.  

If every time you walk into your office, it's a mess and chaotic, or you open a drawer or closet, and your mind goes to what you need to do to clean it up, and it stresses you out, your peace is being stolen.  

A cluttered house is a cluttered mind.

Barbara Hemphill says, “Clutter is postponed decisions.”

To see before and after pics of one of my projects click below!

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Three Interesting Things I want to share with you this week..

1. If you struggle with organizing your life, you need to check out my friend’s website.  Barbara Hemphill has been helping people organize their offices and homes for years.  Barbara is passionate about helping people eliminate the physical, digital, emotional, and spiritual clutter that prevents them from accomplishing their work and enjoying their lives.

Frequently referred to as “The Paper Tiger Lady,” Barbara started her company in 1978 with a $7 ad in a New York City newspaper.

She helped me to organize my office with a system that helps me find information at any time.   And when my office does get out of control, I know exactly how to quickly get reorganized.  Check out her website, HereShe is even doing some online training sessions and has all sorts of resources. 


2. Look what came in the mail! These boxes are full of my new book, Moving Forward.  If you missed the “opening of the box” click here to watch it. 

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On May 10th,  you can order it on Amazon!  May 8th at 7pm, I will be hosting a Facebook launch party, and  I would love for you to come! Mark your calendar.


3. Mother’s day is coming! 10 Days!

Don’t forget to buy your mom or the mother of your children a gift. This year, more than ever,  you need to bless her. For many moms, they are working from home, homeschooling their kids, cooking every meal, and trying not to lose her mind. So yes, you need to bless her!

When you purchase any of these beautiful dresses, the company will gift a dress to a woman in need who is currently in a shelter or is homeless.

Simply, go to Savvi, create an account, download the app, shop and give! If you want a $25 coupon, let me know! 

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A Song a Day, Keeps the Crazies Away...


From the moment I first heard this song I was hooked. It spoke to me in such a way that I cried while I listened to it, so overwhelmed of what God can do and will do. 


What is the song…………………….Graves Into Gardens

You can listen Here!


You can click on the lyrics below to download them!

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Quote of the Week...


Clutter is postponed decisions - Barbara Hemphill


And if no one has told you yet today, You are amazing and you are stronger than you think!