Friday Fun!

April 24, 2020

How do you connect with your kids?  It doesn’t happen automatically. You have to be intentional to make it happen.

Proverbs 22:6  Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.

Another version says to train up.

Covid-19 has us in our homes with our families and for many of you, homeschooling your kids.

With that in mind, a question that I have for you is, how are you directing or training up your children?


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Three Interesting Things I want to share with you this week..

1. Friday Fashion! One of the things that people need right now, according to  Dr. Henry Cloud, a world-renowned counselor, is structure and frames.  In other words, we need routines. Get up, get dressed, and have work hours.

God created the world with structure. Daytime, nighttime, seasons, days, weeks and years. We even need structure during Covid-19.

Savvi has super cute casual clothes.  If you haven’t done any virtual window shopping yet, you need to go!   And if you want $25 off of your purchase, let me know and I will send you the coupon code.  :)  Just FB message me!


2. If you don’t know who Dr. Henry Cloud is, you need to get to know him.  Follow him on Instagram. He is answering questions about how to handle relationships in a healthy way.  Or you can check out his website! It is filled with lots of resources.


3. I thought that as we moved into opening the country back up, it would be really easy.  It feels even more chaotic. I need peace now more than ever.  We did a devotional, PEACE, to help you find it and live in it.  Jesus is the Prince of Peace, so even in chaotic times, we should not lose our peace.

  • Sign up for the devotional
  • Send it to somebody you know who needs PEACE
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A Song a Day, Keeps the Crazies Away...


I have listened to this song so many times:  The Blessing 


Here is the original recording.

Here is the instrumental to just sit and soak in.

You can click on the lyrics below to download them!

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Quote of the Day...


You can make it your excuse or you can make it your purpose.


And if no one has told you yet today, You are amazing and you are stronger than you think!