Friday Fun!

April 17, 2020

Do you feel like life is never going to get back to normal?

I know it won't go back to exactly like it was before because we can't go back and undo COVID-19. I mean, I'm ready to see friends and be able to go places. I'm ready to go to church again and meet people in person for a coffee. I'm ready for family get-togethers and trips to the mall. You get the picture!

But this verse reminds me that even if none of that happens, I can choose to keep my joy. No person or situation can take that from me.


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Three Interesting Things I want to share with you this week..

1. Have you seen Amazon?

If not click here.  :)


This is real!!  I feel like I am experiencing birthing pains. The baby is not here yet, but will be very soon!  


🎉🎉🎉  MAY 10, 2020  🎉🎉🎉


I am putting together a book launch team, so if you want to help me spread the word about Moving Forward, you can get more info and sign up here!


Here are the Perks!!


  • Special Launch Team Pricing for my book and Kindle version
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  • Pre-Release Study Guide Download
  • Live Masterclass teaching (via Zoom Video Calls) with Q&A Sessions
  • Access to my private Moving Forward Launch Team Masterclass Facebook Group
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2. As things are beginning to shift with COVID-19 and some places are opening back up, it can feel even more chaotic. But it is peace that breaks the authority of chaos.  

If you haven’t done the PEACE Devotional we put together, NOW is the best time to do it!

 You can get it here!

3. Spring is in the air and Savvi is having a great promotion!  Get a FREE Melrose tank with every purchase of the Valencia skirt or the Madeline top! If you would like to receive a $25 coupon let me know and you can have it while the coupon codes last.  :)


A Song a Day, Keeps the Blues Away...


A song can encourage your soul and change your atmosphere.  So I am going to share a song for you to listen to. I'm including the words so you can read them and maybe take some time write them down and think about the meaning.   


Heaven in This Room


Verse 1:

I still believe You turned darkness into light

I still believe You are parting oceans wide

I still believe You’re the God who heals the blind

I still believe You bring dead things back to life



Heaven open - miracles in this room

Holy Spirit  - power breaking through

I believe - I can see, by faith, these mountains move

Hallelujah  - Heaven is in this room


Verse 2:

I still believe that the Word of God is true

I still believe that the Holy Spirit moves


I still believe there is power in your name


I still believe You’re the God who makes away



Oh, God of endless glory


You always stay the same


You’re more than just a story


You’re moving in this place


Oh, God of every breakthrough

There’s victory in your name


I know that you are working


You’re moving in this place.

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Quote of the Day...


Hurting people Hurt People, but Healed people Heal People.


And if no one has told you yet today, You are amazing and you are stronger than you think!