Friday Fun!

March 27, 2020

Who all is ready for  the Covid-19 to be over?  Raise your hand.  🙋🏻‍♀️(meeeee)

For some reason, this reminds me of the Children of Israel leaving, Egypt.  As they left Egypt and headed to the promise land, there were some supernatural amazing things that happened.   

I wrote a blog about what happened and how we can believe for the same thing. 

There is also a declaration you can speak over yourself and your family.  

I also did a FB Live about your finances and what we can learn from the Children of Israel.  I talked about what you can do now and what you can do when all of this is over.    

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Three Interesting things that I wanted to share with you this week...  

1.  Do you workout? 💪🏼

I do. I love to run and I have recently started doing yoga.

Because of my love of working out, I have started a new venture.

Ok really, because of my love of buying workout clothes and active wear, I am starting an online clothing store. I'm not starting from scratch but signed up with Savvi.

I started an Instagram feed called @savvimartha.  It has outfits and fashion tips, so go check it out!

I also did a FB Live showing you some of the clothes!  Check it out.  

And if you want to do some virtual window shopping check out Savvi.  

2. I have added something new to my website. Its a tab called "My Favorites"

It has some my favorite things like supplements, books and websites.   

I will be adding to it, so keeping checking back!

3.  Have you joined yet? 

If not, go do that right now.  It's a group of churches and individuals from around the world who are praying at 7:14 am and pm.

When you sign up they will send you a prayer to pray for the week.  

Matt and I have been praying it together every day.   

It's something that you can do by yourself or with your spouse or better yet, with your family.

Go get signed up!! We are believing that we will be able to worship God in our churches all together on Easter.  

Yes, it will take a miracle so good thing that is our God's speciality!  🤗

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Funny things to make you laugh:

A few nights into the Covid-19 announcements, the schools were beginning to close.  

And just like that, everybody was homeschooling!!

If you need a laugh, check this out! I was in a crazy mood so I made a funny, no-nonsense FB Live

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ONE question for you... 

What do you wish you could tell yourself  10 years ago? 


If no one has told you today, you are strong and can do more than you think you can!!