Do You Need a change in Your Life?


Do you have:

Digestive issues      Autoimmune diseases      Bloating  

Inflammation      Allergies      Chronic fatigue   

Weight issues


If you said yes to any of the above, the 21 Day Fast could be for you.

For many years I have started my new year with 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting.  I have also done fasting throughout the year. It helps me to stop the emotional eating and get my eating back under control.  By focusing on the goals I have with fasting, prayer, meditation, and declarations, I get back into emotional, spiritual, and physical alignment. 


Potential exposure to toxic chemicals, which include pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and other harmful compounds in the environment or your diet can impact our bodies more than we know.


During the 21 Day Fast, I will be sharing how to reset your body using clean eating techniques.  I will teach you how to do what is called a Daniel Fast, where you cut out the meats, sweets and bread and focus on eating fruits, vegetables, soups, and smoothies.  

By implementing the 21 Day Fast, you can stop the toxic overload and provide the nutrients your body requires to help you heal and lose weight. 


We are not all the same, so there are a few different methods you can use during the fast. You can focus on one or do a combination of all three.  


Daniels Fast

Get resources and recipes to follow along

Liquids Only

Get resources and recipes for juices and smoothies to follow along

Water Only

I will be sharing my journey of doing water only and what I did to keep my electrolytes in balance and experience a deep organ cleanse.


When you are doing a fast, it is easier to do with friends and have some accountability. So invite a friend to join you!




Resources & videos to help you along the way including tips on what to expect during each type of fast.


Are you doing the Daniel Fast, Liquid Fast, or Water-Fast? Delicious recipes to cover them all!


Prayer Focuses

Prayer focuses, journal prompts, and worship songs to help you meditate on God's Word.

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