So many people struggle through the Christmas Season for so many reasons.

  • They overeat.
  • They have unrealistic expectations of themselves and others.
  • They experience stress and anxiety.
  • They go into debt.
  • They experience emotions of depression and are not really sure why.
  • They experience heightened family issues.
  • They experience distance in their marriage and not a connectedness.
  • They have experienced loss
  • And many other negative emotions……….

And yet it's supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Last Christmas, I did the Coaching Through Christmas program because I wanted to help people experience the Best Christmas Ever!  So many people told me that it helped them so much so I want to offer it again but I have added more tools and tips! 

What is this coaching?

In this one month coaching series, I will give you practical wisdom and steps for you to implement through the Christmas Season.

We will do several calls where I will review the teachings and have a time of Q & A to answer any questions.  I know that not everyone can make the meeting time, so you can send me your questions at your convenience!




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