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Meet My Team

Aug 15, 2018

 I want you guys to meet the people who helped me make all of this possible. I have had a great team that helped film, write the prayers, and handle all the details to make something like this happen.

Huge thanks to my husband, Matt Fry. He has encouraged and supported me to do the things God has called me to do.  

Thanks to Emily Floars who helped with the web-design and getting everything set up on the web.

Thanks to Dillon Parker,  he has made everything run smooth. He made the 21 Days Of Prayer filming possible and made sure all the prayers were written before we started. He has taken all my ideas, thoughts, and dreams and brought them into order.

Thanks to all the C3 staff that helped write different prayers and declarations.

Anisa Larson - Business Operations

Nate Fairfield - Executive Minister

Sarah Buss - Connect Groups & First Touch

Jen Waldon - Connect Groups & First Touch Ministry Assistant

Andrew Kurtz - Worship Director

Thanks to the production team that spent the day with me filming, editing and moving equipment a thousand times to create great videos.

Troy Payne

Evelyn Hanks

Laura Wells

I couldn't have done the 21 Days of Prayer without this team. All of us using our gifts for the Kingdom of God made this possible.

God has given you people in your life that can and have helped you in some way. Maybe they did an act of kindness that blessed you, maybe they took you to church as a child, maybe they spoke a word of encouragement that you still remember, maybe they helped you with a project, but whatever they did affected your life in a positive way.

Let me encourage you to stop and give thanks for them.  Why don't you pray for them today and, if you are able, send them a note saying thanks! A small encouragement can change someone's entire day! :) 


I am hearing so many great stories from the 21 Days of Prayer, so I wanted to share a few of those with you.

  • Thank you so much for this message, Martha! I have been overwhelmed and stressing out due to my first child leaving for college in 10 days and really, really needed to hear this.
  • Jesus said if we love Him to take care of His sheep.  Thank you for this awesome revelation and unpacking of the Lord's prayer and Blessing. I feel well fed today.
  • I LOVE that every day, I can come, read and listen to you, and strengthen my Faith more, not just for 21 days but EVERY day, more consistently, without letting life get in the way. Just do it, take more time for God and his Word.
  • I’ve really learned to pray about everything and I’m not sure how to put it in words, but he has shown me I’m not alone in what I am doing. There is synchronicity in our church in the way he talks to and moves through us. Thanks for putting so much work into this!
  • Drawing closer to God through structured daily prayer has been so helpful to me.


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