It's Not All About the Food

Jan 09, 2019

When you start doing a Daniel Fast it can seem like it is all about the food.  What can you eat and what can't you eat,  but a fast is supposed to be a spiritual journey.  A fast is about getting yourself in spiritual order.  

However, spending quality time with God can seem overwhelming and it shouldn't be.  So we took the Lord's Prayer and the 7 parts and wrote out prayers for 21 Days.  If you are new to praying it will give you words to say,  just like when a child is learning to talk you give them words.  And if you have been praying for a long time it will give you new words and enrich your prayer life.  

The book is called To My Real Dad, a 21 Day Guide Through the Lord's Prayer.

God is our real Dad.  He created us in our mother's womb.  He made us wonderfully complex.  He is our Real Dad and He gave us earthly parents to raise us.  

Each day in the guide starts off with a short video. I suggest you play a worship song at the start of your time in worship and then read the prayer.  Many times I read the prayer and then it launches me off into praying other things.  

Click HERE to get the book, and download it to Kindle or iBooks.

And if you want some encouragement and help to make it through the Daniel's Fast check out Coaching through the 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting.   

You can do this,