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I'm Back!

Jul 20, 2018

I'm back after being gone for 10 days, and 5 of those days I was without my phone. Yikes! 

Jesus often withdrew from the crowd to a private place to spend time with the Father. I went on to withdraw from the things and noise of this world to spend time with the Father. It was the first time in my adult life that I have done anything like that. Now that I’m back to my regular life, I'm doing the same tasks and same things that I did before, but I feel different!

I’ll be sharing more about what it takes to detox from your phone, so stay tuned! But when you get away from the noise of the TV and social media and slow down a bit, you come away feeling refreshed. You have conversations with people, some are surface and some are deep, but you remember how to engage with people.

I am still unpacking all the things that God did and all that I learned, but I have time. I have learned I need to make time. Turn off the TV, put the phone down, get out in nature, spend time with people, and spend time with God. I know that He wants to spend time with me.

When you withdraw from the crowd, what are some things you like to do? Leave a comment below and let me know!

(Like my friend Lisa would say) Cheers and Amen!


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