Faith Over Fear

Sep 18, 2018

Now that we're in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, I think back to what we were going through when we heard it was coming our way. Thankfully, we don't need a storm to choose faith over fear before, during, and after the storms.

When the hurricane is coming straight for your house with 75/100 miles an hour winds, People are already fighting over bottles of water and everyone's saying it's the worst Hurricane in 60 years, fear begins to arise.

I want to remind you to choose faith.

The 10 plagues didn’t come to Goshen where God’s people lived.
God provided manna and for the people to eat.
God filled up all the woman’s jars with oil and she never ran out.
Jesus fed the 5000 with a few fish and a few loaves.
Jesus spoke to the storm, Peace be still.

Miracles always came about where there was faith. Jesus couldn’t perform miracles because there wasn't enough faith in the town he was in.
So today choose Faith over Fear!

God is our protector. God is our provider.
You're His child, He's not going to leave you. 
He is peace and He can fill you with unexplainable peace even in the midst of the hurricane.

Well, the hurricane went from a catagory  4 to a catagory 1. It changed its course and what was coming straight for us ended up going south.

Does that mean God loves us more because of what the hurricane did?  NO!!!  God loves everybody. It does mean that we get to be a blessing and help those out who did get hit with the flooding and devastation.

So C3 Church's serving the North Carolina Emergency Response Teams and their medical efforts by making our facility available as an emergency medical facility for specific medical needs determined by the state emergency operations center.

Let's choose Faith over Fear,

Know we are Blessed to be a Blessing,

Let's work together and be the Hand and Feet of  Jesus,



Below is information if you need any help or would like to give toward relief efforts:

Hurricane 3 day supply kits & 14 day supply kits:

Text to Give:  text c3relief to 30131

Give online:  Give Online  choose fund: Hurricane Florence 2018

Donations Needed: (drop off at C3 Church 8246 Cleveland Road Clayton NC 27520)



Gas Cans


We will join our volunteer efforts with NC Baptist Men’s disaster recovery:

Addt’l info from Johnston County emergency services: