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Guess How Old I Am?

Sep 24, 2018

Yes, today, September 24 is my birthday. How old am I, you ask?  I once heard Mary Kay say, "A women who will tell you her age will tell you anything."  So you will have to keep guessing.  :)

But I did want to reflect and tell you 5 things I learned this past year and 5 things I am looking forward to in the coming year.

1.  Get A Life Coach!  A year ago Matt and I got a personal Life Coach from Coachwell Pro and I also started group coaching with Kingdom Builders. Both with a different purpose and focus but both very beneficial. In places where I was stuck, they got me unstuck, helped dreams to become a reality, and have helped me do more than I thought I could.

2.  Help Other People Grow.  This year during our 21 Days of prayer I really wanted to help people connect with God and be able to spend an hour with Him and LOVE IT! In the Bible study Prayer Force, I learned how to pray the Lord's prayer in a practical everyday way and not as a ritual.  So for the 21 Days of prayer, I had the idea to write out 21 prayers following the 7 parts of the Lord's prayer and end with a life-giving declaration.  I got so much great feedback.  People felt like they connected with God in a new and fresh way.  

3.  When You Become Empty Nesters You Have To Be More Intentional In Your Marriage.  You don't have kids activities to do together or to talk about so you can find yourself just sitting around in quiet. So you have to be intentional to find things you love doing together; play games, exercise, go to a sporting event, etc.  just find something.    You might even have to get conversational cards and be to help you have conversations so you don't just talk about the weather. 

4.  Don't Ever Stop Growing And Stretching.   This past year I went on a mission trip to a country I have never been to, Guatemala.  I also launched an online group coaching program.  It's something I have done for years in my office, but I wanted to help more people get unstuck and dream and move forward with purpose and so I started that this year.

5.  It's Not Easy To Parent Adult Kids.  I think I thought parenting would be easier when my kids became adults. There are still challenges, still great days, and still lots of conversations.  So don't stop pursuing your kids no matter how difficult it might seem, it is worth it.   

Now 5 things I am believing for in this next year.  

1.  I Will Be A Great Mother-In-Love. November 16, 2018, our daughter Caroline is getting married to Christopher Hale.  #whythehaleknot :) So we will be adding to our family.  He is an awesome man of God and  I am looking forward to getting to know him better and him becoming a part of our family.  Like any relationship, it will take time and work but I am committed because I want a healthy family. 

2.  A Healthy Growing Marriage.  I don't want to ever just coast in my marriage. I want to be growing in every season of life, and so I'm believing this year God's got some great things for us to do. I don't know what they are yet, but God is faithful and it will be good.

3.  I Want To Coach More People.  I know what coaching has done and is doing for me and I want to help more people. I consider it an honor to help people grow healthy in every area of their life, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  With so many voices out there and so many people broken I love being a part of people's journey to freedom and living life on purpose.

4.  My First E-book Is Coming Out October 16.  I am so excited to put the 21 Days of Prayer in an e-book so then people can have the prayers with them all the time.  The title is "To: My Real Dad". You will have to download it to see why I titled it that. :)

5.  Whatever Happens, Will Be For My Good.  I don't know what all this year holds but I do know God will use it all for my good and He will walk with me through the whole year and He will never leave me or forsake me.

It's been a great year and I'm excited for this next year.  

The Best is Yet to Come,


PS.  Tell us what you are believing for in the comments below!

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