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Discovering The Hidden Invitations

Jul 26, 2018

Once a week, our C3 staff comes together for a special time of prayer, worship, and encouragement. This week we got to hear from my assistant, Emily Floars. I'm SO proud of her and wanted you to hear a part of what she shared, so check it out below!


I've gone through a lot of change the past couple of years. And with that change, there have been a lot of exciting moments and opportunities. However, there have also been plenty of challenges and difficulties.

But if there has been one thing that I’ve learned over the past couple of years it's this. In the shifting of seasons, the difficulty of transitions, and everything that change may bring, in each and every single moment we are extended an invitation to discover something new about the character of God.

Truthfully, its very rare I consider difficulties to be any type of “invitation". Even more challenging is it looking up from how I feel and what I’m going through to fix my eyes on the Lord. But looking at it this way has opened up a brand new way of thinking and a brand new way of seeing. I feel like I don’t have to look at my difficult circumstances as an obstacle, but an opportunity to know Him more.

So I want to share just a handful of the things that I’m personally learning about God in this season. And its not necessarily that I’m learning these things for the first time: But I’m allowing them to take new life as I navigate all the change in front of me.

  1. He is faithful. I mess up time and time again, but I’m realizing that he isn’t afraid to meet me in my mess. He doesn’t show up just when I have my life together and His presence isn’t dependent upon my performance. I love Lamentations 3:22-23 - “Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”
  2. He is good. And in knowing that, I can put my confidence in the hope that he has good things in store for me. Sometimes when things start to change, my first fear can become that what I’m leaving behind is better than what is ahead of me. I forget that God has his hand on me, and that He knows what is best for me and my future. Although the future might not be clear, and very rarely does He gives us the entire picture, I believe we can find hope in the truth that He is preparing us all for the place He is taking us. We might not know where that is, and that’s okay, because we do know that He is good. And we can trust Him. Psalm 84:11 (TPT) says, “For the Lord God is brighter than the brilliance of a sunrise! Wrapping himself around me like a shield, he is so generous with his gifts of grace and glory. Those who walk along his paths with integrity will never lack one thing they need, for he provides it all!”
  3. He is Sovereign. Over everything and everyone. He is in control! You know, all throughout scripture we see that it was the Lord who determined his people’s victory. It was never their quality of fighting that won the battle, it was always the Lord and their response to Him. When we make Him our Lord, when we put our faith in Him and his ability, He will care for our every need. We will be victorious! Deuteronomy 1:29-31: “But I said to you, ‘Don’t be shocked or afraid of them! The Lord your God is going ahead of you. He will fight for you, just as you saw Him do in Egypt. And you saw how the Lord your God cared for you all along the way as you traveled through the wilderness, just as a father cares for his child. Now he has brought you to this place.’" Do you know that He’s brought you to the place you’re at right now? And just as he’s cared for you in the past, He will today.

So maybe you’re also in a season change. Or maybe you’re just up against a really difficult situation. I want to challenge you, in your quiet time with The Lord, to really seek and focus on Him. Not your feelings or worries... HIM. What Is He trying to teach you? Maybe there's a hidden invitation that he is waiting for you to discover. Maybe that invitation could take you on a journey to further discovering the greatness of Who He is and the depths of His love for you. What is it that He wants to reveal to you about Himself in this season? And in that, what is He revealing to you about yourself?

xo, Emily 

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