A Tribute to Nadia Davidson

Feb 28, 2019

For 3 years I have been working with the Louisburg College Women's Basketball team.  I have built relationships with them, ridden on the bus to games with them, talked with them, prayed with them and they have become a part of my life.

On February 14, 2019, Valentines Day, one of the players Nadia Davidson was tragically killed in a car accident. 

She knew Jesus and we know one day we will see her again, so we grieve with hope.

Last night was the teams last game of the season and it was sophomore night, so we took some time to honor Nadia.  I was so honored that Coach Shay Hayes asked me to speak briefly about Nadia, and I wanted to share that with you.   Her life was not in vain.  Jesus has been lifted up and glorified even in her death.

Tribute to Nadia Davidson

Tonight we want to take some time to remember Nadia Davidson, # 32, a first-year Hurricane and sophomore at Louisburg College, majoring in Computer Science.

Nadia was described by teammates as:

One who Created a positive environment




She was somebody you could go to and share something you were struggling with and she would listen with compassion in a non -judgemental spirit.

Nadia had a relationship with God and when needed she would reach out and ask me to pray with her about certain things.

This past Christmas we gave the girls a box of encouraging verses and Psalm 40:1 is a verse found next to her bed. 


I waited patiently for the Lord to help me,

and he turned to me and heard my cry.


Because Nadia had a relationship with Jesus we know she is in heaven and all of us who follow Jesus will see her again.

Nadia reminds us that life is short but eternity is long.

She will always be remembered for her beautiful smile and the impact she had on this team and on all of us who knew her. 

Will you please stand for a moment of silence as we show gratitude, thanks and love for Nadia Davidson.